How To Defeat The Bully

Your child is forced to deal with various attacks on his self-esteem on a regular basis. Whether these attacks affect him long term or not has to do with many different factors.

Maximize Your Child’s Health The Natural Way

The first conventional HMO in the US to use chiropractors as a primary care physician found that after just two years of utilizing chiropractors, their hospitalizations were reduced by 80%, out patient surgery was reduced by 85%, and prescription drug use was reduced by 56%. In this article you will learn why the above statement is true and how to apply these simple health principles.

Playdates – It Is OK to Say “No”

Are playdates an issue your your family? It is ok not to be a fan and to say no to your children. There are lots of reasons to be a fan of playdates and lots of reasons not be be.

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