5 Ways To Build Your Relationship With Your Child

Building a strong relationship with your child helps you, as a parent, have the strongest impact on influencing your child to make healthy choices, such as not smoking. How do you build a meaningful relationship with your child? Below are 5 simple ways to strengthen your relationship and open up the lines of communication.

Why Test Preparation Is Necessary for Success – Studying for the SAT

The SAT is structured in such a way that makes it easier to see large score boosts compared to studying for the ACT if you study for it strategically. Learning the most common concepts tested, all of the possible question types, the most common “curve balls” that appear, and test-taking tricks pay off more on the SAT than on the ACT. A good time to start studying for the SAT is the summer before freshman year. There is plenty of time and with low stress and avoids the hectic adjustment period when you are going to a new environment, adjusting to new class structures, getting back into study mode, and juggling homework. Starting early in studying is good, but it is highly recommended to engage in a short-term 6-10 week study plan before you’re about to take the test.

Teen and Tween Girls: Giving Them Skills to Handle Uncomfortable Social Situations

It’s not easy to be a teen or ‘tween girl. There are all sorts of social situations that can develop, some of which can be very tricky to handle. Teaching girls tools to handle uncomfortable situations can go a long way in keeping them emotionally and physically safe, while they learn to navigate their social landscapes. Here are some ways to start.

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