GADGETS vs HACKS || Kitchen Devices And Clever Tips To Make Cooking Easier

Are Your Kids Hyper, Or Is It Just You?

We commonly blame caffeine on the hyper activity in children. Likewise, sugar usual gets a bad name for also inducing this hyperactive state. But does sugar really induce hyperactivity? Actually the answer is no, the hyperactive state we are seeing could actually be in our own minds or could be associated with the atmosphere around the children and not the sugar causing them to be hyper!

Sweet Dreams in Cozy Kids’ Beds

Many parents today lead very busy, sometimes hectic lives and may be sleep deprived. They don’t want their children to be, so they make sure they sleep well in comfortable beds.

How to EVANGELIZE (Teen Tips)

Have a hard time sharing your faith but have an uncontrollable consuming burning desire to EVANGELIZE? I understand we’ve all been there. GREAT NEWS – here’s some tips just for YOU so when you have the opportunity you would share the gospel with ease.

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