Fun Activities and Cool Crafts for Parents to Do With Their Kids

Overcoming Your Middle School Geek Label – Get Involved

In high school, getting involved is one of the quickest ways to lose your middle school geek label. While there are many ways to connect with others, the five presented in this article are low risk and high impact options. They are guaranteed to help you lose your label.

Christmas Special: Extend Help to Needy Kids This Year

Christmas is just a week away and you might be busy with your Celebration plans. Yes, this festival is all about fun and bonding with people who are close to us. Decorating the tree, packing gifts for our family and friends, planning dinners and reading special stories and jingles to our children; this is the beauty of Christmas.

Helping Children Understand Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa teaches about the history of Africa celebrating each day with rituals and ceremony. It is something that anyone can join in on, too, regardless of race. Maybe you would like to teach your children more about this in a way that they can understand and enjoy.

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