FIRST AID HACKS FOR SUMMER! Emergency Tips You Should Know

What You Need To Know About STEAM Programming and Education

For those who don’t know, STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. While these subjects have once been huge in American school systems, they aren’t much anymore.

What Kind of Engaging Summer Learning Activities Can Your Family Participate In?

The summer is a time for family. Whether you’re taking a long trip somewhere across the country or just staying local for a reunion, summer gives you the opportunity to bond with those closest to you.

Something Extra

I love my son to death, I would not want anything in this world to hurt him or make him cry. If I could, I would build him a house that is all round so he never bumps against a corner, or live in a town like the one in Truman Show that has never seen misery, and am sure every parent would wish the same. Gautam Buddha’s father had the means for it and he actually moved misery out of the town for the sake of protecting his son.

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