First Aid Hacks for Emergencies That You Need To Know

Summer Camp and Its Lifelong Benefits for Children

It’s easy to think of summer camp as just a place for swimming lessons, dodge ball, boating and arts and crafts, an easy solution to summer boredom for kids. Of course, all these things are true, and summer camp memories are made of canoe expeditions, swimming competitions, tie-dye t-shirts and rousing camp songs. However, while kids are having a blast playing games, making summer friends and learning new skills, they are also absorbing a host of vitally important life lessons that will last long after the last bus ride home from camp.

The Truth About Bullying: What the Adults Aren’t Telling You

Kids who are bullied often feel trapped. They feel trapped at school and they feel trapped by the person terrorizing them. But kids can communicate with adults. They’re not trapped and they can overcome bullies by being persistent with adults and by working to outsmart the bully.

Why There Is a Need for Child Counseling and Adolescent Counseling

Counselling helps to work upon their emotions, it deals with their confusion and most important it helps children unburden themselves by dealing with issues which are of concern to them though it might be quite trivial to others. It is very important for parents to work and prevent these stressors and to form a long and lasting relationship with their children.

Prioritizing Music Education and Its Link to Achievement

It calls to us from our radios, MP players, and smart phones, and with such staying power that we sometimes can’t get the tunes and lyrics out of our heads. And that’s only the beginning… In fact, numerous studies back up the notion that there is a link between music and academic performance that goes well beyond the oft-touted but as yet unproven Mozart effect.

Young Brains on Marijuana: Risky Business

Okay, okay, we all know: Road safety folks worry about marijuana-high drivers on the road right there along with intoxicated travelers, but worries shouldn’t end there. Indeed, last year French medical scientists concluded that, “The recreational use of marijuana may result in cardiovascular-related complications and possibly even death among young and middle-aged adults.”

Give to Get!

Why don’t we follow the sound advice of giving more in life to get more out of life? We get out of life what we put into it. We give to get!

Pumpkin Planters for Kids!

There are tons of ways to carve a pumpkin for a scary decoration, but pumpkins can also be used to beautify and create a fun fall planter project for kids! A fun and creative fall project to get the kids outdoors, learning and decorating with garden inspired ideas!

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