Fantastic Gadgets And Hacks For The Best Pet Owners

Bullying: Who Is Targeted?

Bullies do not pick on everyone. They target specific types of people. Your child’s best defense is not being the type that is targeted. Parents can help.

Back to School – Love Notes and Prayers

It’s back to school time for my fifth grader! Summer was so much fun but went by too fast. Join me as I discuss some ways to start your child’s day off great each morning and to help him/her have an amazing school year.

Things For Sleepovers: Some Helpful Hints

Did you ever get to your sleepover only to find that you have forgotten something? And that something always seems to be the one thing that you really really need. I have come up with a “things for sleepovers” guide that will not only get you better prepared for your next sleepover it will get you invited back.

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