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Fear The Greatest Motivator

Fear and motivation go hand in hand. Often the healthy fear of adults can help kids pay attention and more focused.

Parenting During Covid

The real victims and long term damage caused by governments decision to shut down the world is the children. The kids of today are the future adults who will run this world in another 10 or 20 years need help, and so I want to offer my experience and knowledge of decades of study and mentoring kids and adults, because the innocent victims of the foolish actions of the governments, and their parents are going crazy not knowing what to do.

Three Important Parenting Lessons to Discuss With Kids

The famous Disney film raises tough questions about prejudice for parents and teachers to explore with children. It did meet these expectations. However, there was indeed more. As I watched, I wondered: Was this Disney film genuinely making a political commentary about bias, sexism, racism, and xenophobia? Did they actually try this?

Professional School Labels for Cost and Waste Savings

Save money and the world by using professional visitor passes and school labels instead of paper! There’s too much waste in the world today. Help reduce garbage output and save your school money!

How to Become the Smartest Kid in Your High School Class!

I’m a 74-year-old former teacher who now works part-time as a drivers’ education instructor for a private sector driving school located in the western suburbs of Chicago. Generally speaking, this driving school attracts 15 and 16-year-old, academically inclined students who prefer learning to drive outside of the school day. This private-sector option allows these students to load their respective class schedules up with honors classes (not driver’s ed) that, upon high school graduation, increases their odds of being accepted into the college of their choice.

What Can’t You Do? Helping Your Child Realise What They Can Do!

How do you expand your child’s capacity for a ‘can do’ attitude? Why is this important? Because when your child or teen says “I can’t… (eat that/do that/learn that)” it prevents them exploring what they can do. Hearing someone declare a limitation ahead of real time capability-testing can be frustrating because it’s a sloppy recall of a failure-memory rather than imagineering-success. If you believe their ‘can’t’ you accept their limitation. Yet trying to persuade them that they ‘can’ do it (they ARE capable after all) so often engages a battle that sends them into the justification corner. Helping children and young people experience more in life, not less, means they get to expand their mental map of what they can do with their brain. This example from our Happy Brain programme, coaches a 10 year old child through an experience of high value to them. Gaming is the child’s value. We’ll call the child Joseph.

Atoms and Molecules

Sugar is sweet and the sugar granules are small. Can we cut the smaller sugar granules? Yes! we can. Imagine the size of the smallest sugar particle that can retain the sweetness when you cut it. If you keep cutting, you will reach a particle that cannot be divided again without losing sweetness. That smallest particle of the sugar that retains all the qualities of sugar is the molecule of sugar. The sugar molecule again can be divided, but it will not be sugar again. Dividing molecules again into smaller particles is possible.In this article, I tried to make students understand the difference between atoms and molecules

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