Hitler and Racial Prejudice!

It’s always easier to point our finger at someone else when things are going wrong, especially if they look different than us, or seem to have climbed the latter of success ahead of us. What’s much more difficult is taking a long hard look at ourselves and not giving ourselves an easy out through being prejudice towards others.

5 Tips for Last Minute Dads Looking for Family Fun Activities

Okay dad, it’s time to put on your planning hat! But don’t worry, even if you’ve been procrastinating, you have plenty of options when it comes to last minute ideas for family fun activities. The first thing you want to do is a quick online search of area attractions.

YouTube And The Danger It Poses To High-Schoolers

YouTube, as we all know, is the world’s best video hosting website. It houses videos created by millions of users worldwide about a wide range of topics. People in advertising see YouTube as an excellent platform that they can use to generate free traffic to their websites and convert leads into sales. Also, it is a good outlet for video content creators to showcase their work and at the same time monetize it, creating an avenue for passive income.

Hitler Reminded Us That Power Corrupts!

In this article Hitler shows us how power corrupts. If you are an aspiring leader you must be careful not to lose yourself in success. Furthermore, the general population should always follow Socrates advice and never stop asking our leaders questions.

How To Surprise Your Kids With Some Live Entertainment

Kids love surprises. As long as the surprise is something they want to be surprised about. So here to inspire you are some surprises with live entertainment, which is something they don’t often see.

Society’s Shift From Free Play to Sports

Most of us remember summers and days of freedom after school. Days were filled with adventure, imagination, the impossible becoming possible and coming home when the lightning bugs were all caught. We look around today and wonder, “Why don’t we see that in today’s generation of children?”

How Fairies Help Children Today

Can you still remember when you were a child and your mom read you fairy tales before you went to bed? Everyone in this world knows about fairies, with these beautiful winged creatures being a part of their childhood.

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