Six Reasons Why Kids Choose To Smoke

Ever try to figure out why your kids do the things they do? Whether it’s suddenly refusing to eat peas, not doing their homework or flushing LEGOS down the toilet, the mindset of our kids can be a mystery. Which is why so many of us are flummoxed as to what goes on in the minds of our kids when they pick up a cigarette for the first time.

Six Suggestions on How to Help Kids Manage and Express Their Feelings

Being able to freely express your feelings is a skill that does not just apply to adults – kids should develop it, too. Children should be able to identify, understand and express their feelings.

A Glimpse at How Bullies Lower a Kid’s Self-Esteem

No parent would ever wish for their kids to become victims of bullying, or be bullies themselves. Unfortunately, even the seemingly harmless experience of witnessing bullying may lead your kid to become traumatized. This is something that you won’t want your child to experience. All parents would like kids to enjoy their childhood years and live as normally as possible. One reason why this is something that every parent should see to is that bullying does have a long-lasting effect, particularly on a child’s self-esteem.

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