Learning to Lead: Practicing Leadership Through Gameplay

Leaders are made not born! Empower your kids to be great leaders! Read on for helpful information on how to be a great leader.

Ways to Come Up With Healthy Snacks

Whether it is for kids or adults, there is always a pressing need to have healthy snack options. Just as the risk for obesity is high for both age groups, the need for healthier snack alternatives for both young and old naturally follows.

It’s More Than Parenting Techniques

It can get really complicated parenting a teenage girl. That’s why parenting techniques often feel insufficient and ineffective. It was definitely easier to discipline when she was little. If your little princess didn’t want to clean her room you could give her a choice. “Sweetie, I’m going to give you a choice. You can clean your room and get to watch your favorite Disney movie, or you can go to bed now.” Pretty good chance she would clean her room.

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