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Safeguarding Elementary School Kids From Abduction

Nothing can be more tormenting for a parent than having a child abducted and not knowing how they are and where they are. Most cases of abduction for school going kids happen when they are on their way to the school and on their way back home from school. Abduction of kids has become very real and it is up to the parents and the schools to come up with safety measures to reduce the cases and to keep the children safeguarded at all times. Even the simplest measures on the way to school and while in school can go a long way in protecting the children.

3 Tips to Boost Self-Esteem in Today’s Youth

One of the more disheartening comments a parent or teacher is apt to hear from a child is “I can’t” or “It’s too hard.” These comments often hint at insecurities or low self-esteem. There may be a myriad of reasons why a child lacks confidence; sometimes it’s merely a matter of development and may come with age. Yet it’s important to nurture children’s self-esteem so that they can grow and thrive with a positive state of mind intact and ready to tackle future challenges in school and life. The following tips can help educators or childcare workers find ways to promote students to feel better about themselves and what they can accomplish.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites for Babies & Toddlers

This entire article revolves around the concept of buying products online for your kids and toddlers. You can opt for a large number of websites when you want to buy products for your little ones. Given are the top 10 websites for buying them.

5 Benefits For Young Children And Teens Participating In Dance Exam Sessions Within Dance Schools

What are the benefits of young children taking dance exams in Ballet, Tap and Modern dance? Is this an important factor for the development of young children and teenagers to take part in dance exams within their dance schools? What are the benefits gained by doing so?

How Vietnamese International Schools Are Failing Millennial Teens

Mid-budget international schools in Asia that are trying to become internationally-accredited are becoming stricter on a wide range of teen issues and in some cases are ignoring teen rights in a effort to look good on the outside, while at the same time pandering to traditional Asian values so they don’t lose parents as their customers. This has serious consequences for the teens who study there. The answer is to focus on values and build the self-esteem of teenagers by offering activities that teach them life skills and the attitudes necessary to achieve their life goals.

What Are the Benefits of Riddles for Kids?

As the kids grow it is necessary that their thinking ability needs to be fostered. Apart from the thinking ability it is essential to help them improve their creativity. Also, you need to ensure that their vocabulary and reading ability are taken care of. They must come out of their comfort zone where they are shy and find it difficult to socialize. These days’ children are more over the social media and internet. Let us break through all the boundaries and help them to develop and grow as great individuals of tomorrow. Riddles for kids help them to learn and improve their creativity.

Beliefs Control Your Choices – What Do You Believe?

A belief is something you accept on faith… is something you have a strong conviction about… is something you consider to be true and honest… is mental acceptance of something or someone. A belief is also an acceptance of something good or bad / right or wrong. If you have a strong conviction that something is true… it becomes part of your belief system.

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