DIY GIANT BACKYARD POOL || Easy Backyard Decor Ideas For Parents and Kids

Books: Make Them Their Best Friends

Make books your child’s best friend as early as you can, its easier and its one habit your child will love you for. Books can be introduced at different age groups and by different means too.

Energy Is Power: How This Impacts Moms

I open the flight magazine on the plane and these words leaped out at me. Energy is Power. What does this have to do with moms? Everything! If you want to Power your Parenting you need energy. It takes a lot of energy to parent your daughter. Here’s the dilemma. The biggest complaint I hear from moms is “I’m exhausted,” “I’m tired,” “I don’t have any energy.” And your daughter has lots of energy.

Tips on How to Talk About Serious Problems With a Teen

Many parents find it difficult to talk to their children about sex and drugs than to ask for a raise from their boss. Because of the media coverage surrounding these topics and sex education they receive at school, you might be tempted to avoid this conversation in the hope that they already know enough. But, unlike some conversations that you might try to avoid, those with your children should not be delayed.

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