Diana Pretends to Be a Stylist in the Creative Dress Competition

Establish Clear Guidelines For Behavior With Kids

Sometimes our kids want to behave well, but don’t know exactly what is called for in a particular situation. We can help by working with them to establish guidelines of behavior for difficult or risky situations.

A Recipe for Fun: Ocean Animal Toys and Bath Time

Some things just seem to go well together. Children and ocean animals are definitely an example! Use your child’s sea life fascination to make bath time fun and educational.

Speak Up at All Times!

Do you have a difficult time speaking up? Do you have a difficult time telling others how you feel? Do you worry excessively about how others feel about you? Do you know that you are okay, with or without someone’s positive opinion of you? To empower and respect yourself, you must speak up as often as possible and make sure that your views are heard and understood by others. To speak up is to state what you think about someone or something clearly and unambiguously, without worrying about what others think. You must feel free enough to be yourself and speak your mind.

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