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A Book to Keep the Kids Engrossed

There are many things that parents look for in a children’s book. Bite-size stories with happy endings for reading at bedtime, plenty of bright pictures to spur on younger readers, and tales that hold the imagination and encourage reading progress at all ages, are a few of them. But the secret hope of most parents when buying a book for older children, especially as the school holidays loom near, is that they have acquired a page-turner that will provide a few hours of peace and quiet. As one American reviewer wrote of such a book: ‘My daughter read this book and she had a hard time putting it down… thank God it’s March break. Since she is not much of a reader, I give (it) 5 stars.’

Don’t Allow Anyone to Belittle Your Soul!

We must stand on a higher plane when people are trying to belittle us and steal our super human powers. We mustn’t hate back. Respond with love because it makes us stronger and helps the people lashing out that are really just hurting themselves and looking for some way to feel better.

Introducing Nursery Rhymes to Kids

Introduce nursery rhymes to your kids in a most engaging and fun way. Sing them, read them and act them out to teach your kids the popular nursery rhymes. Let’s explore some more ways to approach teaching nursery songs to the young children.

A Book for Brighter Kids

A good children’s book can do many things. It can ease the path to sleep for a restless child, entertain a group of youngsters through a quiet interlude at home or at school and speed a reluctant reader on the road to fluency. Yet another benefit may be hidden. As one reviewer of a children’s book commented: ‘This book also has elements of education in it that I appreciated, Holly didn’t notice but she understood it so I think that was very well done by the author.’ The reviewer was happy that her niece, Holly, would remember what she had read, especially what she found to be funny and interesting. Useful facts and information were being absorbed without conscious effort.

10 Things That Happen to Children at the Time of Examination

Children undergo a lot of stress at the time of examination. There are many facets to this stress building when they undergo examination. In this article, we would be looking at the 10 things that happen to children at the time of examination.

How to Prepare for Driving Lessons

Learning to drive is an exciting time for anyone. I discuss exactly what you can do before your first driving lesson and explain what you can expect to happen when you first step into a car. It is important to concentrate through-out your first lesson and any that follow soon after.

5 Amazing, Fun Learning Activities for Kids in the Classroom

With too much focus on academics, classrooms often become a dull and are a boring place to be. It’s important for schools to bring fun learning activities for kids in the classroom.

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