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The Ideal Book for Reading With Older Children

In a series of recent articles, the author has discussed various points raised by reviewers in relation to the qualities looked for in a book for reading with and to an older child. Here the desirable features are brought together to give an overall view of a fun book that helps to complete the transition to fluency in reading while providing an opportunity for extending traditional reading together at bedtime or whenever opportunity arises.

Structuring Success

We all want our child to be happy, safe and successful. One of our primary goals as parents is to guide our children to success, first in childhood and in preparation for adult pursuits. How do you do so? You seek solid educational programs for your child.

The Story Of Hannah Sultan

Hannah was being forced into marriage by her parents. But she didn’t let that ruin her life! She took a stand and made for a better life after taking matters into her own hands.

Relevance of a Reading Group in Your Neighbourhood

There is no shortcut to the success. It comes only after a hard work and meticulous planning. Same goes for the acquisition of knowledge by constant reading. In the digital age, there are other avenues for distraction for youngsters and children. Hence, there should be a way to promote reading habit to make them genuinely interested in gaining knowledge. In this article, we would be discussing the relevance of a reading group in your neighborhood.

It’s the LIFE in Our Years That Really Count!

Are we making the most of our years? Working together both the old and the young can show that age is just a number. We are never too young or too old to make a positive difference.

How to Teach Phonics to Preschoolers

There are various phonics programs that are widely available for educators and mothers to teach their children. The more common programs are Letterland, Zoophonics, Ants on the Apples and Jolly Phonics. In this article, we will share from one Mummy’s True experience

Parental Pressure Kills Creativity and Self-Esteem in Children

Quite often, the children suffer at the hands of their parents. They have to realize the ambitions of their parents, least they would be scolded in the presence of others. The parents become so blind-folded in their expectations that they don’t listen to their wards and their sensitivities. The parental competitions involving the lives of the wards affect their lives and peace. This article deals with the sensitivities involved for the benefit of parents.

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