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Develop Value Boundaries

Do you have a difficult time asserting your values? Do you find it easier to follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing? Many teens feel that it is easier to go along with the crowd than to sit down and decide what values define them. It can be so difficult to stand out and to be yourself isn’t it? But becoming an adult is so much a part of developing who you truly are and living that truth.

Develop Physical Boundaries

Do you allow others to invade your personal space often? What do you do or say if someone hugs you without your permission and you feel very uncomfortable? Do you say something, or do you just resist saying anything and just hope for the best? The teen years are plagued with ambiguity. And this is no less so when it comes to your physical boundaries. Your physical boundaries constitute the space that your body occupies. So, if you draw an imaginary line around your body and how far or near you want people to come, you will start becoming aware of your physical boundaries.

10 First Birthday Party Ideas

The first birthday of your child is one of the most anticipated events in the family. Preparing the first birthday party may be stressful but keep in mind that your one-year-old child is the core of the celebration and they don’t care about the small stuff at all!

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