Diana and Roma – Welcome to my Barbie Party – Kids Song (Official Music Video)

Summer Camp for Boys – Are They a Good Idea?

Are you the parent of a young boy and your intention is to help him become a well-educated man? If the answer is “yes”, you should think about a creative way of helping him spending his summer holiday. But if you do not have any idea, here is a good tip: what about summer camps for boys?

Hang Out With People That Are Better Than You Somehow

Hanging out with people that are better than us in something wears off on us. We begin thinking, talking and acting in more successful ways.

The Elliott Diaries: Tales Of a First Time Mum – “And Then He Sneezed”

Hi! I’m a first-time mum of a little boy; the things this kid does? You can’t make it up! I’ve written down some of my greatest experiences as a parent of the real world – I’m sure you will be able to relate!

Two Simple Approaches to Get Out of the Power Struggle With Your Teen

Struggling to figure out how to stop fighting with your teen or tween? There are some concrete tools to help you and your child rebuild your relationship while still maintaining healthy discipline.

Fairytale Justice in Children’s Books

Everyone is familiar with the sense of justice derived from fairytales. These familiar and time-honoured stories are first encountered when reading with parents at bedtime or watching Disney adaptations on TV. Reinforcing what may be an innate sense of fairness, fairytales promote a sense of right and wrong that lasts a lifetime. Whether or not strengthened later by religious instruction, fairytale justice provides communities with a common conscience, a silent voice that passes judgement on every thought, word and action. Yet, for all the benefits that it conveys, fairytale justice is often dismissed as naive and not representative of real life.

Proper Parenting

Believe it or not the parent is the biggest mentor and influence in the life of a child. It’s interesting to note that they judge their own measure by that of their parents even if they don’t get along with them, it takes place unconsciously.

Developmental Baby Toys By Ages and Stages

Newborn to Three Months – Contrary to what you may believe, newborns and very young infants only develop their vision the first few months of their lives. They see only black and white. Things like faces and voices are what attracts and holds their attention. In this stage they start becoming aware of their own bodies so concentrating your attention on their tiny hands and feet is necessary.

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