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5 Ways to Reach Your Ideal Destination

Do you remember driving with your kids on the family vacation? It seemed like a good idea, but 30 minutes into the trip the kids are bored and they start bugging you with 2 questions; “Mom, how much longer?” and “Are we there yet?” You probably pestered your parents with the same questions when you were a kid. “How much longer?” and “Are we there yet?” are questions we continue to ask throughout our life. You are heading into a new school year. Do you know where you are heading? Where do you want to end up this year? What is your ideal destination? Are you there yet?

Why Are Junior High School 8th Graders the Meanest Hearted Age of Kids?

Some teenagers are very mean to their classmates and make it difficult for them to learn. Although there is no one reason why some teens act like this, there are some traits that many of them have that once known will help you more easily deal with them.

Setting the Stage for a More Peaceful Kids’ Bedtime

Preparing children for a calmer bedtime can be easier with a few simple guidelines. Here are some ideas to make it peaceful for kids, as well parents and caregivers.

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