Diana and Roma teach Oliver colors | Toddler learning video

We Need to Invest in Our Future!

Working hard right now is an investment in our future. By paying now we don’t have to pay later; and later actually pays us.

Types Of Stories For Kids

Everyone of us love to listen or read the stories. Stories are categorized into bedtime stories, jungle stories, funny stories, moral stories, short stories, courage stories, fairy tales and more. Let’s learn about types of stories for kids

10 Fantastic Reasons Why Children Can Benefit From Cooking

1. Self Confidence When children successfully cook a dish, they will gain great satisfaction and build self confidence. They will develop a healthy self-belief system so they can achieve anything if they set their mind to it.

An Alternative to Violence in Computer Games and TV Films

A young friend, a boy of 14 years, was engrossed in a game on his laptop computer. Looking over his shoulder one could see a column of running figures which he was busy annihilating with a series of apparent explosions. To the remark that the game seemed to be extremely violent came the reply that there was no blood. If this one factor had the power to sanitise this particular juvenile pastime, the same could not be said of the television film of some, so called, super-heroes, that he chose for his next diversion. Violence of all kinds, bloody and bloodless, seems to be the dominant feature of the entertainment provided for, and chosen by, today’s youth.

How To Discover Our Talents

The greatest challenge that most of the teens and the youths face in this century is the ability to discover their talents. Most of them are completely unaware of what they are good at. It is a daily struggle that most of them face especially at times like this when talent is more marketable and pays handsomely. Others even confuse their hobbies with talents. A talent is natural ability of doing something in an extra ordinary way. We are going to look at some of the steps an individual could take to find his or her talent.

You Are Perfect When Seen – Through the Father’s Eyes

When life beats you up and you feel no one cares about you, remember Jesus gave his life for you. You are never alone when you know Jesus. He loves you just the way you are.

Childhood Diet/Nutrition

Babies, toddlers and preschooler, high, grade school, preteens & teens need a large amount of nutrition in a day. To fulfill the right amount of calories, iron, calcium, proteins etc every day are the problems that every mother is coming across every day all the way through motherhood. This is a big challenge in every mother’s life and especially when it comes to a child’s diet. Big or small, every age group needs an equal amount of nutrition to have a healthy mind and body.

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