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Start Reading Aloud To Your Child

As a parent, it’s really important to read aloud to your child. It’s one of the most beneficial things you can do for them. Here’s how to get started.

Fall Birthday Party Ideas

Fall is the ideal time for throwing a birthday party since the weather is crisp and kids are eager to spend time with their friends outside of school. Today, parents are fortunate to have more options for kids’ parties than ever before that go far beyond the classic at-home bash. As you plan your child’s birthday party, keep these ideas in mind to provide an exciting celebration that is perfect for kids of all ages and will provide everyone with an opportunity to form beautiful birthday memories.

What It Really Takes to Get Good Grades (and It’s Not About Being Smart)

If you want to know how to get good grades, you might have to change your mind. The good news is that changing your mind is possible. Doing well in school – and in life – isn’t about being smart. It’s about believing that you can learn, and taking action.

Say No to Premarital Sex

Premarital sex poses great danger to teens and single adults. These dangers could be psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual and emotional. That is why parents, spiritual leaders and sex educators must do all they can to encourage premarital sex abstinence.

Keep A Book by Your Side!

Are you keeping a book by your side? You should be! Like dogs, books too can be a best friend. Books will comfort you and help you feel better. Books will make you a smarter, more successful and better person.

Seven Ways to Control An Angry Child!

Does your child fume when you try to teach him, good behaviour? Does he slam the door and talk loudly often? Hitting, biting and kicking is part of his behaviour and aggression? Anger is a normal emotion which should be dealt with in a constructive manner. The following article discusses concrete tips to control child’s anger without affecting the parent-child relationship.

Are Kids Psychic?

Kids are born with an innate sense of intuition but as they get older, we shut the door to this gift. We tell them they are being silly or these things don’t exist. If we don’t listen, ask questions, show interest or validate their experiences, we are, in effect, telling them they shouldn’t listen to their bodies and not to trust their feelings. We do this because we live in a society that honours the rational mind and has forgotten the gift.

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