Diana and Roma Play with Baby Oliver | Best videos with little brother

Make the Invisible, Visible!

This is a teen leadership article about bringing out that God-given special gift that resides inside of everyone of us. At the moment, this special gift is invisible to the rest of us. We must do what is necessary to bring that special gift out of ourselves and make it visible to the rest of the world!

Best Games to Play As a Family

Playing games with the family helps strengthen relationships and creates happy and fun memories. It does not matter if it is a grown child, teenager, or small child, you will certainly find a range of games to play.

Be Consistent With Your Child and Be Rewarded With His Best Behaviors

Learn how your response to your child’s behavior can help him give you his best behavior, every time. Consistency is the key in teaching your child how you expect him to respond when he is told “no.”

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