Diana and Roma NEW Hot Vs Cold Adventures in a Magical Cartoon World! Cartoon for Kids Compilation

Extra Work Is Not Too Hard

What’s really hard is not doing the extra and then liviing with those poor results. Trust me, extra work is not too hard.

How to Save Kids From the Dangerous Side of the Internet

The internet has revolutionized the way we think and behaves nowadays. Apart from keeping us connected with people who are poles apart.

We Are Supposed to Be Successful

After our basic survival needs have been met what’s next? Accomplishing something important of course! From surviving to thriving is human.

My Favorite Hour of the Day

To all the beautiful parents who would be able to relate to my sentiment as a parent. It is actually the morning time whereby I narrate previous night’s dream to my daughter in the form of a story while on our way to her school. Though, it’s a ten minute short drive from our place yet it’s the most pleasant and energetic time of the day!

Hiring an Au Pair Is Not a Simple Task

Is the thought of hiring a Nanny bringing up your worst fears? Are you waking up in the middle of the night worrying about leaving your child with someone who is a complete stranger to you? There’s no question that hiring a Nanny or Au Pair is a serious task, but it need not be a daunting one.

Contribution of Avvaiyar, the Grand Old Poetess to Tamil and an Alphabetical Garland to Children

‘Avvaiyar’ (also spelt auvaiyar, meaning the grand old lady) is a well-known Literary figure for Tamils. Tamil scholars usually treat her at par with Greek poetess Sappo of 6th Century B.C. She is categorised also along with recent lady poets Elizabeth Barrett Browning of Italy, Christiana Georgina Rossetti of England and the American poetess Emily Dickinson of nineteenth century. Her poems for school children are remembered by adults too, because they contain excellent moral teachings for all age groups. “A good poet incarnate will appear only once in thousand years”, so says a Tamil axiom. Scholars opine that in case of grand old lady poet Avvaiyar, she herself takes birth once in 1000 years. We shall consider the literary contribution of two Avvaiyars first in first century B.C and the second in 10th century B.C. Here, it is not considered as to which Avvaiyar wrote the poems under consideration, but they are classified as Avvaiyar Tamil Literature,because Tamils consider that there are not only two, but several avvaiyars. In conclusion, an “Alphabetical garland” is also given, perhaps for the first time in English, following the work of Avvaiyar in Tamil, known as ‘Aathisoodi’.

How Natural Playgrounds Help in Children Growth

In a world full of digital advancement, it’s a privilege to access natural beauty and make the most of it. Playground structures in the modern times are more inclined.

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