Diana and Roma Lost City Adventure with Ryan’s World Toys

Change Coming to the SAT – So What Else Is New?

The president of the College Board just spoke about the changes coming to the SAT in 2016. (The original announcement came a year ago.) He spoke very generally about the changes, saying that specifics – sample questions – will be released next month on April 16, 2014. Parents and educators are all in a tizzy. But guess, what? This is the 6th MAJOR change since 1994 and even more significant, it appears the exam will be very similar to the ACT! My take… not to worry!

Can Schools Teach Character to Teens?

As a parent or educator, how would you answer the following questions: What are the most important traits to develop in students? At the end of high school, what would you want your teenager to know? Parents and schools need to focus on character-building for teens in order to create our next generation of leaders.

Baby Shower Centrepieces – Cunning Beats Imagination

Many concepts for infant shower centrepieces can leave you in a turmoil not knowing exactly what to choose to display on the day. Centrepieces used for infant showers were commonly blossom plans. Floral items on show would come magnificently arranged in a container or a crystal owner.

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