Diana and Roma Learn to Make Ice Cream

Ah, You’ve Been Paying Attention

We focus mainly on what we need for survival. However, we often miss a lot of the little things that can add up to some big things for us.

Benefits of Constructive Play

Did you ever think about doing something different with your kid’s play structure? Do you feel they should play with different tools other than the conventional school playground equipment and outdoor playground equipment?

Teaching Children a Twisted View of Success

Smiley faces play second fiddle to grim gamesmanship. Most children would call it cheating.

It Takes Time

Hard lessons don’t immediately reveal thier life-changing secrets. Hang in there. Have faith that this too will make us stronger and better.

Take Responsibility for Your Own Life

It’s easy to blame rather than take responsibility. But, blaming sucks from you the time and energy you need to succeed! Win! Don’t blame!

Why Some Teenagers Are Bullied (and What to Do About It)

There is also going to be a certain amount “fighting up the food chain” in any group of young (or old people). The problems arise when there is mean, vindictive mental, emotional and physical cruelty involved.

Mistakes When Buying An Outdoor Playset

Help kids have fun outdoors by investing in play sets. These items can also help kids improve their physical features which can boost their growth.

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