Diana and Roma learn the alphabet with balloons

Discipline Techniques

As parents, we all make mistakes, no parent is perfect. We all need any additional help we can get. Disciplining your children is tricky and we tend to make many mistakes regarding this subject. Here is a quick list that you can use as a reference.

Tale of Flying Sky High on Airplanes

You remember how parents used to apply the trick of holding the spoon or fork in their hand and flying the food in the air? This is a handy trick applied by most of parents to get their kids to eat the food which they don’t like to have.

Phonics Vs Whole Language: The Best Way to Teach Children How to Read

Reading is the basic but most important skill. There are 2 main approaches when it comes to teaching children to read. The difference in these two methods has caused controversy in the educational world, and led to confusion among parents who simply want the most effective way of reading for their child. So, what is the best teaching method? Is it Phonics or Whole word?

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