Diana and Roma Learn About Professions for Children

Child Modelling: How to Prepare Your Child for a Shoot

When your child is heading in for a child modelling photo shoot there are some steps you can take to ensure that your child are prepared for the shoot. Talk to the agency. The booker at the agency will give you a brief of what is required at the shoot.

Adam, The Life of a Boy With Downs Syndrome

In this article I discuss finding out that my only son was going to be born with Downs Syndrome. These are just some of my thoughts and feelings.

Encouraging Kids to Have Fun Under the Sea

You know how much fun going snorkeling is and you think it is time that you bring your kids along on your next adventure. How can you go about preparing your children for the experience of exploring what lies below the surface of the water? Even if you have no doubts that your children will love it, you do need to prepare them for what going snorkeling involves, this means pre-site practice and adjustment to snorkeling gear.

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