Diana and Roma Learn About Different Professions

The Need of Pretend Play in Child Development

Pretend play helps in not only shaping the personalities of an individual but also helps in developing other skills that I will be discussing in this article further. Read to know more.

I Don’t Have Time to Die

Imagine not having time to slow down or ever die because what we’re doing is too important. We all can find this place and energy if we try!

Thank God for Fathers

Fathers are sometimes out of sync with the times. However, it’s better to have a father that is out of sync, than to not have one at all.

How to Choose a Toy According to Childrens’ Age

Are you going to meet a friend or a relative who has kids and are completely puzzled what to buy for them. Are you unaware of their likings and disliking?

What Is the Right Age for Children to Own a Mobile Phone?

Difficult decisions come in handy with parenting, and one of the important ones is when should you get your kid a mobile phone? No matter how much you want to save your kid from the negative impacts of the digital world.

It Takes Discipline to Get Better

Self-discipline is the best medicine to give oneself! It cures a lot of our problems and helps us live in a better, more successful world!

Kid Escape

Children being kidnapped is on the rise these days. Learn how to teach a child to stay safe and keep from being kidnapped.

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