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College Major Selection – 3 HUGE Mistakes High School Seniors Make That Keep Them Jobless (Career)

In this article, you will read about the 3 most common mistakes high school seniors make when choosing a college major and how they can avoid these deadly missteps. This critical choice will lead them to career fulfillment and success.

Moving Out at 16

When you’re 16 and already on your way out of your parents’ house, obviously there’s something wrong. We are here to explore the possibilities a teenager is left with, along with the minimum responsibilities of parents in their turn.

Working With Children and Young People To Ensure That They Are Equipped With Necessary Life Skills

We are all aware of challenges children and young people are faced with nowadays, working with children and young people will help them with some of the issues they are being exposed such as; endless volumes of peer pressure through social media and high impact advertising all telling them what they should be doing. This article will help the reader to have an understanding of the importance of the mental and emotional health and well being of all children. Included also is some interesting facts and figures taken from studies done through the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

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