Diana and Roma Find Missing Numbers

Are Summer Camp High Ropes Courses Scary?

Summer camp is a place where every day is guaranteed to involve some type of adventure and high ropes courses are part of the camping experience. Yet, it is common for both parents and their kids to hesitate a bit when it comes to activities that involve an element of risk, especially if the kid is afraid of heights. While almost every camper will give a different answer regarding whether or not high ropes courses are scary, understanding how they work to build skills such as leadership and confidence will help you encourage your son or daughter to give it a try.

Fear Is A Horrible Use of Our Imagination

Do you remember what you used to dream about? What happened to those dreams? Are you afraid to dream again? Don’t let fear get the best of you. Dream again!

Halloween Songs To Liven Up Kids’ Halloween Celebration

Halloween season is a time of year to celebrate and enjoy a lot of fun-filled activities such as trick-or-treating, enjoying Halloween costume parties, and much more. And for our little kids, Halloween party is incomplete without fun and foot-tapping dance songs. So, let’s introduce some delightful All Hallow’s Eve songs to kids and make their night spooktastic.

Best Educational Toys for Babies

Babies tends to learn faster with what they can play with. So rather than giving them just play toys, it will be wise to provide toys that they can play with while simultaneously educating them and developing early motor skills in your infants.

How to Encourage Your Little Bookworm

Do you want to instill a love of reading in your child? Do you have a reluctant reader? These great ideas – from road trips to games to crafts – will help inspire and encourage your little bookworm, no matter what their age.

Challenge the Written Word!

Did you know that not everything you read is true or at least relevant to your unique situation? When you read, are you actively thinking about what you’re reading? You should be! And I’ll tell you why here in this article.

Should Children Be Friends After Bullying Has Occurred?

When bullying takes place between children, adults try to encourage children to be friends again. Can the kids and the parents really be friends again after a bullying has occurred? Discover the right thing to words to say so you are in control of the potentially stormy situation and get to a safe harbor.

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