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Which Learning Style Is Best for My Child?

Educational researcher and developmental psychologist Howard Gardner, in 1983 introduced a revolutionary idea with his groundbreaking study, “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences,” in which he theorizes that not all students learn best in the same way. Gardner’s studies showed there are some students that learn best by using visual aids, and others that learn best by handling objects – for example, learning math by moving manipulatives. He suggested if parents and teachers could target the learning styles of each style, all children would have a much better chance of succeeding in school.

Best Christian Songs for Easter: The Primary Teacher’s Guide

Guide to some of the best Christian songs for Easter. These Easter songs will help you bring the story to life in a way your class will love.

Importance of Understanding Underlying Causes of Bullying, Violence, and Peer Pressure in Children

In addition to teaching exemplary social and emotional skills relative to feeling and emotion recognition it is paramount that a child’s ability to reason biased attitudes in them self first, rather than focus only on how to respond to emotionally charged issues that “after the fact” have challenged or damaged the child’s fragile sense of balance and self-worth? Understanding underlying intangible attitudes that result in bullying, violence, and peer pressure empowers children with a powerful ally.

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