Diana and Roma Christmas with My Friends Backstage music video

The 4 Little Known Secrets Of Youth Ministry – It’s Not What You Think!

In youth ministry often times we as leaders keep repeating the same, tired and ineffective tactics that we’ve picked up along the way. While our teens are forced to try and find their own way because of our unwillingness to change the teaching methods we’ve used for years.

Summer Camp Benefits – 5 Reasons Why Summer Camp Is a Great Opportunity

Summer camp can be a scary thing to send children on. To put your mind at ease, here are five reasons why summer camp is a great opportunity for kids.

Preferred Swiss Army Knives for Kids

Swiss Army knives are typically associated with adults. However, children and pre-teens also use them especially during scouting activities, camping and other school activities. Here are some of the best Swiss Army knives that are perfect for children.

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