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Express Yourself Calmly

Adolescents can have such a difficult expressing themselves. This is especially the case for girls. In this article, I address this problem by offering a few tips to ensure that adolescent girls express themselves most effectively.

Standing Up for Yourself Is Easier Than You Think!

Do you stand up for yourself? Do you have a difficult time to do so? Many adolescents have a difficult time to stand up for themselves. In this article, I show teens how to stand up for themselves by learning how to say NO, defending their own opinions, not buckling down, and choosing their friends wisely.

State Your Wants and Needs

It can be difficult for adolescents to clearly state their wants and needs. This is especially the case when they don’t feel confident or empowered. In this article, I outline a few tips to ensure that teens have their wants and needs met. Most of the problem hinges on teens not knowing what they really want. Thus, it is important for teens to discover what their preferences are.

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