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The Role of a Parent Whose Child Has a Learning Disability

The role of the parent whose child has a learning disability cannot be under estimated. Often the problem is exacerbated by the parent becoming more involved with their child with the consequence that an over dependent child with low self-esteem and no confidence results. Parents are frequently told to be firmer with their child and to set boundaries. earned. E.g.: Build a jigsaw puzzle for half an hour of Cartoon Network, or watch an hour of Discovery for half an hour of Sony. Parents are often unsure of themselves when disciplining their children. One has to parent their children with confidence as this results in a firm and secure platform from which they can grow.

Commonly Used Potty Training Methods

The process and success of potty training differs from one child to another. There are different training methods that you may find useful. However, you should first determine if the child is ready to undergo training.

Stop Blaming Others!

This is a teen and tween leadership article that encourages our youth to stop playing the blame game and to take some responsibility. In addition, the article shows that not taking responsibility and blaming others is dis-empowering. That exact opposite thing of what we all want, which is empowerment!

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