Diana and Roma 100 Mystery Buttons But Only One Lets You Escape challenge

Teachers! Have You Finished Your Homework?

Are your students bored, burnt out and unmotivated and the year is only half over? Here are some suggestions on how and why schools and teachers need to change their game plan and engage to activate the brain.

Tips for Choosing Pencils for Drawing

Stores selling school stationery usually have two kinds of drawing pencil, pencils with soft leads and pencils with hard lead. You should consider factors like your drawing style and the kind of paper you are using when picking a pencil.

Put an End to Summertime Boredom – Send Your Kids to Day Camp

When you have kids, you realize quickly that summertime is not always fun. While most love the time off from school, many children end up bored. When this happens, they will likely cause havoc around the house and annoy their parents. There are options parents can consider if they want to encourage their kids to leave the house and have fun. You may want to consider sending your kids to summer camp; here are a few benefits to doing so.

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