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Dicky and Blakey

Once in a very big and dense jungle there lived a deer named Dicky. He was a very attractive and healthy little deer. He had a friend, a crow named Blakey. They played whole day together and shared their food together. Blakey uses to bring fruits high up from the tree and Dicky use to enjoy eating the juicy fruits and the same, both of them had an excellent time spend together. Dicky was lucky to have a friend like Blakey. Blakey always helped Dicky from the dangers. Dicky and Blakey had a fine understanding; Blakey could smell the danger high up from the tree and inform Dicky to go on. Dicky was a young and fleshy deer and most attractive among all. His other friends invited him to play with them, but he always enjoyed the company of Blakey. Dicky was rather more childish and Blakey was wise enough to make Dicky recognize the danger.

5 Great Activities To Engage In With Your Twins

Twins are often said to be fun but they can be cumbersome to raise especially if you don’t know how the activities to do together. To help you out, here are some of the best activities that you can engage in with your twins: Dancing at home If your kids are too little it can be draining and almost impossible to have fun with them in public places. One of the most effective ways of having fun with them in the house is by dancing.

Tips for Parents When Selecting the Right Kid Model Agency

Selecting a right model agency should be on the priority list for any aspiring model, and even more so for a kid model. Kids are in their formative years where they are easily influenced by what they’re exposed to and need the best attention and right exposure.

How Safe Are Our Children? Life in Schools

The article tells about the life of children in schools. It also tells about the problems they have to face.

Friendship Between Nandu And Vedant

Mama, why is Gauri restless today? Why is she lowing, is there something wrong with her? Asks Vedant anxiously to his Mother Meera. Yes, my son, she is in pain today, she is going to deliver a baby calf anytime. Said Meera.

Why Trampoline Parks Are the Best Place for Kids to Be At

Parents are aware of all this and perhaps, this is why they don’t hesitate in bringing their kids there. After all, fun matters so does the kind of environment kids are made to have fun. Trampoline parks are extremely safe for your kids and you should take them there more often than you do.

Top 5 Common Questions About Kids Modeling

We list out the top 5 common questions asked about kids modeling and give you our expert opinion on it. The child may actually be a young kid model.

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