Diana and her New Doll LIKE IT | Let’s Sing Together!

The Brown Skin Barrier – Overcoming Prejudice

Joy Berry offers advice on dealing with prejudice and discrimination among young children. Based on actual events in the life of her kindergarten-age granddaughter, Joy reveals how she diffused a potentially devastating situation.

Jobs for Teenagers Means Great Benefits!

While most teenagers look for part time jobs for extra cash, the benefits that come with it go beyond that. Jobs for teenagers help mold teenagers as they go through a period of their life that’s filled with adventure, challenges and sometimes uncertainty. The benefits derived from part time jobs extend to the core of individual development in terms of personality and skills.

Educational Value to Having Classroom Pets

Pets bring so many new ways to learn in the classroom. Teachers can use these lessons for so many things and subject matters, the list is never-ending. You can use having the animals to enhance so many areas of education. I have a few ideas and would love for you to post your ideas. Have you done this in your classroom? Share your experience.

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