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Don’t Miss It

Last night I was in the middle of something when my daughter came into the room and said let’s go watch a movie. I said “Give me 15 minutes.” She said back to me, “You know Mom I will be gone to college in a year. You better make the most of our time.” I thought, “OK, That’s a little dramatic.” But the more I thought about it she was right. The thing I was working on could wait. This was more important. I want to make the most of my time with my daughter.

Timing Is Everything: Especially With A Teen

My daughter is so stubborn. She argues about everything She won’t listen to anything I say If I say one thing, she blows a gasket I’ll ask her about her day and all she says is fine. She’s so disrespectful. It’s like she’s in her own little world Do any of these sound familiar? If you are a mother of a teenager, at least one of these statements has crossed your mind at least once-or maybe several times a day. I am going to give you a huge gift today. Here it is. Timing is everything-especially with a teen.

Sometimes a Manicure Won’t Cut It: What Mothers Need to Feel Good

Do you wonder why you are not enjoying your life? You wanted to be a mother. On paper it looked good. You have the house, kids, work, and the husband (or no husband). You have food in the refrigerator. You tell yourself, “There are so many people worse off than me. I should be grateful.” As much as you try to talk yourself into enjoying your life it’s not working. You wake up to another morning of dread.

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