I’m Bored, Single, and Still Living at Home With My Mother!

We think that because we are still single we have a license to do what we want. We lay around and wait like our home with mom is temporary and sort of like a jail… We sit around reading romantic novels and creating the perfect dream boy in our minds. We pin wedding ideas on Pinterest just to pass the time till that day really comes! Why? Because we are not content. We think “home is boring, brothers and sisters are annoying and I’m still waiting for lover boy to fulfill my needs and dreams.” I am sure that you love the Lord and want to do what’s right. You want a godly man and maybe someday a wonderful family and home of your own!

Advice for Teenage Ostomates

The operation will improve your everyday life and put an end to all the discomfort and pain which led you to need a stoma. There is no reason that your stoma should restrict your life, it will just take time to get used to your situation and the new ways of doing things. Talking to someone who already lives life with a stoma can be very helpful, ask your stoma care nurse to help put you in touch with someone of a similar age.

How Can I Encourage My Child To Enjoy Reading More?

Eat your vegetables! Spinach is an example of something that just because you know something is good for your children, does not mean it will be easy to get them to eat it. As adults, we also sometimes have a difficult doing what is good for us, so think how much more difficult this may be for your children.

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