The Perilous Path To Teenagers

Talking to teenagers can be about as lucrative as singing during laryngitis. There are helpful hints that help connect you both. Being a parent to a teen is a dual role of bonding and discipline. You can accomplish both.

8 Interesting and Fun Facts About Twins

Multiple births are in the news all the time. In fact, the UK news has been full of a couple who has had three sets of twins and a woman who gave birth to quintuplets without fertility help! Twins are fascinating and there are a lot of questions and suspicion surrounding them. Here are some interesting and fun facts about them.

Advocacy Vs Guardianship Overcoming the Confusion for Your Special Needs Child

As your special needs child is approaching adulthood, 18, they will be exposed to financial, health and safety issues that you, as the parent have handled up to this point. In the eyes of the world they can make their own decisions and that is both good news and sometimes overwhelming bad. You must take action to help them and to stay involved in their life.

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