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Don’t Shoot Blindly for Improvement!

We no longer have to guess how to improve. We no longer have to shoot blindly for improvement. There are many experts out there now available to us. So, basically, we really can do anything we want; if we really want it bad enough!

7 Ways In Which Coloring Pages Are Useful For Your Child

A big part of caring for a child is taking care to ensure the child’s all-round development. You’ll be surprised to find out that this can be achieved with minimal expenditure since there are plenty of resources available for parents and caregivers these days. Simple things such as coloring pages are available for free, or very inexpensively, and are extremely easy to obtain.

What Will Give a Professional Advantage to Our Children in The Technologically Advanced Future?

When our children become adults, advanced machines will take over many works that people do today. They will have to be flexible, innovative and creative professionals. We need to develop those skills as we raise them.

Your Child’s First Year at Overnight Summer Camp

Sending your youngster off for his first summer away at sleepaway camp is a huge event for many parents. How will your little one ever survive without your protection and guidance? The answer is, probably very well after a bit of initial homesickness. Camp counselors are well trained in the art of making kids at ease with new friends and in unfamiliar surroundings, and while you’ve been suffering the pangs of paternal anxiety at home your camper has been off swimming, sailing and giggling around the campfire. Relax and make the big step easier for everyone by following a few helpful hints.

Importance of Play Among Children

Play’s importance is so great to youngsters that it has sometimes been called the work of childhood. Throughout history, kids have spent many happy – and actually very productive – hours at this seemingly insignificant pass time. Whether inventing imaginary scenarios with friends and siblings, taking pretend journeys with parents, playing tag at summer day camp or racing free in the neighborhood, play allows kids to develop in an incredible variety of ways. Kids at day camp have an amazing opportunity to spend happy hours in the sunshine playing with friends while also giving their creativity, health and social skills a big boost.

Teen Piercing: The Pros and the Cons

If you’re a parent in the 21st century you’ve got some serious business to do. Every teen wants to stand out from it’s generation and there are good and bad ways to do it. From different clothing style to music taste and serious things like tattoos, but what about piercings? Are they good or bad?

CANDI Means Constant And Never-Ending Deliberate Improvement!

This is an article about taking something that was already good and somehow making it even better! Dr. Deming and Anthony Robbins gave us two great words in Kaizen and CANI, now we have an even better modern-day word in CANDI!

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