COOL BACK TO SCHOOL HACKS! Fun Art Hacks and Painting Techniques

Benefits Of Reading To Kids – Why Is It Essential?

Reading has been regarded as something which is quintessential in the lives of not only adults but also kids. The internet is abuzz with reasons as to why people need to develop a culture of reading. In fact, the success of a person is largely dependent on whether they can effectively read or not.

12 Fun Ways to Get Kids Interested in Birds and Bird Watching

My love of birds started when I was a kid helping my grandmother put food out for the backyard birds she loved. There are lots of fun ways to help the kids in your family become interested in birds and bird watching. Here are a dozen tips and ideas to inspire the youngsters in your life to develop into the next generation of bird lovers.

5 Ways to Know If Your Child Is Too Busy

Today’s parenting culture is one of ambition and high expectation. In an age of increasing competition in all areas of the socioeconomic spectrum, we all want our kids not just to do well but to excel. In light of this, many parents forget to leave their children time for the simple things-playing outdoors, engaging in imaginative activities and such.

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