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Kids Can Learn Chess at Summer Camp

Summer camp is often thought of as a place where kids conquer physical challenges such as hiking up mountains and learning to water ski. Yet, quality camps now offer a wide range of programs designed to provide a balanced experience that stimulates every aspect of a child’s development. Today, chess is increasing in popularity among kids of all ages and summer camp is the perfect place for them to develop their skills.

The Peter Pan Effect in Children’s Books

Peter Pan is the famous character, created by J M Barrie in the early years of the twentieth century and remembered ever since as the boy who never grew up. In both plays and children’s books, Peter and his friend Wendy, as well as Captain Hook, the ticking crocodile and the Red Indians, have entertained generations of children who, unfortunately, unlike Peter Pan were destined to reach adulthood. Peter and all his friends and enemies, like all characters in well-loved books, remain fixed at their age of portrayal, and never advance in years. This is one sense in which all literary characters are Peter Pans, but more than that, all the principal characters in popular children’s books are really children who have never grown up.

Help Your Children Resist Peer Pressure

HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILD CONQUER PEER PRESSURE – Peer pressure can be described as an influence that is either negative or positive that is usually installed to a person so that they can fit in with their peers. A person is forced to acquire certain values choices or even decisions so that they can be assimilated. Parents might feel powerless in some circumstances, but they are actually the best people to help their teens to resist troublesome peers.

Violence in Children’s Books

A problem that all parents face in choosing books for their young readers is how to handle violence. Boys especially, as they grow older, develop an interest in stories of war, crime and adventure generally, that include violence to an extent that can seem gratuitous to adults. At the same time, a violent story at bedtime, especially one that has graphic detail, could lead to nightmares and a loss of sleep. Regrettably, violence is part of every day’s news, and children must grow to understand it, but the process can be gradual and guided by careful choice of reading material as well as by parental example.

How to Make the Children Listen

In spite of the pressure, you need to watch what you say to the little ones. You don’t just want to talk to them but also want them to listen to you. How to make them listen is a tough task, not only you, every parent is facing the same issue.

Print Books or E-Readers, That Is the Question

Face it: Electronic devices are not only alluring, they can be quite addictive, too, and e-readers are no exception. Their debut actually set off a collective bookseller panic attack a few years back that goes unabated to this day. Borders has already gone under, and Barnes & Noble shutters some fifteen to twenty stores across the country each year.

How to Find a Lost Child – If Only the Police Would Listen

It been a year and a half since a three-year old disappeared on the Central Coast region of New South Wales and the police are no closer to discovering what happened to him. The second day after he went missing on arrival home and turning on the television a news report showed the police as they conducted an area search around the place where he was last seen and some three kilometres into the surrounding bush. Suddenly the Spirit was upon me and a vision showed me the child under the road.

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