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5 Ways to Make Going Back to School on Crutches Easier

Ways children going back to school on crutches can make the overall experience easier on themselves. With the help of friends and a few other tips, going back to school on crutches will still be hard, but it can be made as simple as possible.

When Young People Have to Make New Friends

Making new friends can be a daunting experience at any age. For young people it can be especially difficult, wondering how to fit in, if they’ll be accepted or acceptable. Here are a few tips to help at these times.

The Day It Didn’t Rain

Poppy was a coward cloud who refused to jump off the sky and make rain on the earth. Poppy’s fear kept him from helping other clouds bring rain to the earth. When something terrible happened to the other clouds, find out what Poppy did to save them and all of the Earth’s living things.

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