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Kids and Screen Time: The Stats, the Risks, and Parent Tips, Too

Parents are buying into the tech craze, right there along with schools–but it might actually be time to hit the pause button, instead. That’s because a recent Organization for Economic Cooperation (OECD) study found that we’re actually not getting all that much bang for our bucks.

10 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Positive Self-esteem is fundamental to a child’s emotional and psychological well-being. It significantly affects their ability to form meaningful relationships, and how successful they are academically and, ultimately, in their chosen career. In this article, we look at 10 things you can do as a parent to help increase your child’s self-esteem.

10 Simple Lifestyle Changes For Raising Healthy Kids

We always want our child to be healthy, active, and intelligent. Most of the parents depend on some nutritional supplements like Multivitamins, Protein powders etc… though unsure if those are really going to help or not. Here are 10 simple lifestyle & mentality changes those will definitely help you raise healthy kids.

When Little Ones Grow Alongside Their Brains!

As parents we often focus on the physical, because that is what is most apparent. But our children’s brains are growing at a rapid rate. The physical development is not the only process that is growing at warp speed, the brain is as well.

Winning Takes Away A Lot Of The Pain!

We all have to pay the price for success up front. Many of us don’t want to pay this price. Those that do and then succeed, tend to forget about the price they paid. The success itself makes the journey a little less painful.

Listen To Your Parents About These Five Things

No one wants to listen to their parents. Their parents didn’t even want to listen to their parents in many cases. However, parents have been around for at least a decade or so longer than their kids, and so they are going to have some life experience to bring to the table.

It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way

Mental health challenges in children and young people are on the increase and are posing huge problems for them, adults and the society as a whole. Children want adults to take the lead and guide them. The teacher or parent must first know and understand what the problem is or underlying issues that needs to be fixed in order to bring about a change. The other key thing is that a more positive outcome is more likely if the parent or teacher first make changes within themselves in order to gain the results that they desire with and for the child or pupil

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