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When Stop Means Stop: How We Can Crack Down On Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is on the increase and as it steadily rises in young people, so adults find themselves on the receiving end of web trolls, social media abuse, yet when there is more than one is three people falling victim at some point in their lives, why is it that 91% feel their not heard? I investigated how to get back your self esteem, feel stronger and get support after a cyberbullying attack.

Things to Consider When Choosing Raincoats for Kids While Gardening in the Rain

Gardening can be magical and fun for kids. They can see the magic happening right in front of their eyes as a seed germinates into a sapling and then into a flowering plant or tree. The garden can be a treasure chest that they can explore and discover things that last for a lifetime. Gardening is one of the best skills that we can teach our kids.

Keeping Track of Kids

Parenting isn’t easy. Raising kids is tough work. It’s more difficult to do it the right way if you’re always worried about where they are and who they’re with.

What One Can Do, One Must Do!

Our brain is the best super-computer in the world. We need to be more confident in its abilities and get our there and start truly living our lives! We can live up to our potential.

I Trust On Me

Lessons from a 7 year old. The importance of trusting on yourself even when your afraid, embarrassed and sad.

Just So Stories in the Bible and Children’s Books

Commentaries on the Old Testament of the Bible often draw attention to just so stories, tales devised to explain how something came to be established as a geographical feature or a social or religious custom. These ingenious fictions might have been taken as true by many people for a long time. Two that are often instanced, are the story of Esther to explain the origin of the festival of Purim, and the story of Lot’s wife to explain pillars of salt near the Dead Sea cities of Sodom and Gomora. Just so stories are as old as literature, and they remain a common feature in modern children’s books.

Why Kids Need to Experience the Outdoors

Kids today are spending less time outdoors due to an increasing focus on academics at school and the influence of technology at home and everywhere. Yet, too much time spent playing video games and a lack of recess at school is taking a toll on the childhood experience. Obesity, behavioral problems and low self-esteem are just a few issues that have been popping up during the past few years. Fortunately, spending just a few hours outside each day can provide kids with benefits that will enhance their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

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