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Parental Involvement – 101

What kind of parent are you regarding your child’s education? Are you actively engaged, disengaged, or a squatter?

Gifted and Talented?

Is my child Gifted and Talented? This is a question that seems to be more common these days than ever before. Many parents believe their children are “gifted” or “gifted and talented” as they appear to grasp the concept of learning faster than their peers, or read earlier, or talk sooner, or show extreme ability in a certain area. Surely one of these traits mean you have a gifted child on your hands? Now what to do… Identifying a gifted child is not always so easy.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Baby Seat

If you have a car and a child below the age of 4 years you need to be considering the option of purchasing baby car seats to help keep the child safe. You need to be looking for a baby seat a month before you give birth because you will need to be ready with the seat fitted to the back seat on time to deliver the new baby home. Whether you are planning to drive with your child across the country or several blocks away it is important to use a baby seat.

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