Cosmetic Surgery a Solution for Bullying Among Children?

There is a new trend in cosmetic surgery for younger children 18 years and younger. Children as young as 6 are receiving plastic surgery procedures to alter their wide set ears or misshaped nose to prevent bullying. What do you think of this new trend?

3 Dinosaur Party Games for Your Next Dinosaur Themed Birthday

As a parent you put a lot of effort into putting your dinosaur lover’s birthday party together. You have your dinosaur party supplies; you’ve set the table, blown up your dinosaur balloons, cooked up some delicious party treats, and your goodie bags are filled with fabulous dinosaur novelties. Your dinosaur party is set to go. Now what you need are some dinosaur party games to ensure that your dinosaur party is a roaring success. Here are three easy to organise, fun dinosaur party games for you to try.

Smart Tips for A Perfect Children’s Birthday Party

Holding a children’s birthday party can be a daunting task. But with careful planning way ahead of the party’s schedule, it can be a fun-filled and fulfilling event. It need not be a highly expensive event at all to be successful. The key is to arrange the party with thoughtful consideration of the factors that can help make it memorable for all of the kids present.

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