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Sex and Gender in Children’s Books

Most parents would agree that there should be no sexual material, explicit or implicit, in books written for children. When reading to a child, or with a child, such material can only cause embarrassment, premature questioning and unnecessary concern. The basic biological facts are best left to school teachers and school text books, and the emotional and relationship issues can wait for treatment in later years, perhaps in novels written for teenagers. But while books for children should create a world in which sex does not exist, the issue of gender stereotyping still needs to be addressed. In the past, many books were written specifically for boys, or for girls, though the traditional favourites can mostly be considered gender neutral. In the modern age, gender discrimination is widely deprecated.

Happy Endings in Children’s Books

Most of the classic fairy tales and children’s books have happy endings, and this is no accident. Most people prefer a happy ending as it settles the mind and puts the book down in peace rather than in a turmoil of questions. There may be times when a book that raises many questions is stimulating, but these are not suitable bedtime reading. Children who are read to, or read to themselves, at bedtime, seek a satisfied and settled mind to lead them to pleasant dreams. In this, happy endings play an essential role.

The NRA and Violence in Children’s Books

In the USA, the right to bear arms, enshrined in the Constitution, is vigorously upheld by many people, and especially by the members of the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA). Faced with increased opposition from people concerned about the loss of life from criminal, deranged and accidental shootings, and aiming to stop gun violence with tighter controls on gun ownership, the NRA and its supporters have resorted to more and more radical methods, including some instances of armed resistance to law enforcement agencies. Perhaps most sinister of all, is their recent activity in rewriting children’s classic fairy tales featured on their family website, putting firearms in the hands of formerly innocent characters such as Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. This attempt at early indoctrination threatens to have a seriously detrimental effect on the development and welfare of America’s children.

A Job for High School Students That Pays $60K

If your high school student is looking for a job, look no further than your own backyard. Read about the most overlooked way to earn money for college.

Helping Young Children Appreciate History: Making History More Than Dates And Names

When your children go to school and begin to learn history, what do they understand? What do they really learn? Even the older ones, do they know the importance of history and how it has shaped their world today? Or is it just dates, names, and places cataloged in their heads to be regurgitated on a test? Bring it alive for them so they can learn the importance of their contributions to society as it impacts the future.

Connect Young Children With Nature

With the evolution of technology, kids today are more attracted to electronic gadgets compared to exploring the outdoors and nature. Here are a few ways you can do to help your kids restore relationship with Mother Nature.

Learning Disabilities – 4 Aides Given to Teens With Slow Learning

When a teen is identified as having learning disabilities, the school provides supports which help them function so that they can get an education despite their disabilities. There are various types of learning disabilities such as autism, Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Attention-deficit/disorder (ADD).

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