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Teach Your Children to Read

Understanding the core requirements of the child is necessary if you want to know how to teach your child to read. A parent can start teaching the child from the moment they start to speak. Reading skills can be developed when the child starts to speak properly.

Batting Cages at Birthday Parties

The zipping whoosh of a ball machine. Swack of a bat. Tink of metal as the ball hits. Ahh, the joyous sounds of batting cages. Couple these sounds with the tuneful bars of ‘Happy Birthday’ and a very memorable birthday party will be had by all involved. One of the more classic and never out of style birthday party themes is that of the batting cages.

5 Ways for Busy Parents to Connect With Their Kids

Too busy to play with the kiddos? Work got your relationships down with your most cherished possessions? If your busy schedule is keeping you from connecting in real and meaningful ways with your children, this article will provide some fun ways to make it work for a parent on the go!

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